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Frequently (or not so Frequently) Asked Questions


Please email all order inquiries to rosa_palomino (at)

Please email me if you would like to order and specify the color your interested in.

I accept paypal and money orders.

All shoes and clothes are made to order unless specified in stock.

For types available, please use the navagation above.

Payment is not due til the item(s) are ready to ship.
It can take from 7-10 days for a single pair of shoes to up to 4-6 weeks for larger orders.
Time estimates will be given with every order. You may also order through Etsy - my store is Rosa's Dolly Goods.


My Facook Page

My Flickr is a great source for pictures not seen here.

My Pinterest: Rpalomino1

My Twitter(s): Doll Sales Related - Me, in General

My Ipernity: My Etsy Store, also Rosa's Dolly Goods, but really,


Hmm...I'll add some when they come to mind...


I ship via United States Postal Service.

First Class with USPS Tracking within the US for $3.75,
First Class International outside of the US for $7.00,
which covers a small package up to 2 ounces.

USPS insurance is a crock - for crafts, you can only recoup materials - and as you can see, these tiny things have very little materials involved. If anything gets losts, I replace the item out of pocket.

The closest thing to delivery confirmation for international shipping is registered mail which is $12.95 added onto normal airmail postage - that risk is up to you though I did remake the one order lost via international and they didn't take out the insurance. I can always provide a quote with order inquiries.

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