Rosa's Dolly Goods

Welcome to Rosa's Dolly Goods!

Here you can find little maryjanes, boots and other types of shoes for an array of Asian Ball-Joint Dolls under 10 inches with a few exceptions.

This Doll Shoe hobby started with my first tiny (an Elfdoll Adel in 2005) and finding that Mattel's Kelly shoes did not fit very well. I was lucky that miniature bears (and I mean the under-3-inch kind) was a hobby at the time so I had most of the tools I needed to improvise. Since then my doll family has grown and the shoe patterns with it (and everything else). I hope you find the size you need - if not, I'm always up for a tiny doll (or even just a foot) visit to craft shoes that fit.

I'm working on a tablet-friendly version at the moment...

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