It was a Reneaissance Wedding of Sorts.

It started with a dress pattern I found months before William proposed.

Simplicity Pattern #8735 - Italian Renaissance Gown

It was a lot of hard work and it turned me off of any hardcore sewing for a year. I used to have a few pics of the pattern I used and I had a few offers of dressmaking but was too turned off of sewing to help anyone.

Men's Outfit
Butterick Pattern #5656
He then wanted an outfit so I used this pattern. I only used the shirt and coat - we bought a hat at the Ren Faire in Carver, MA.

The Wedding Party

James, Beth, Amanda, Margarita, Myself, William, Roy, Matt, and Andrew.
Front Row: Sarah, Leo, Justin, Andy.

Then the crap hit the fan - I didn't really want brides maids just my twin as my maid of honor so I ended up with 2 more bride's maids, a flower girl, and William wanted his friend, Roy, and ended with two more groomsmen AND THEY ALL WANTED TO WEAR COSTUMES.

Here we are!

The colors were green, gold and white. He is wearing a green coat with gold trim and buttons, a green patterned shirt, a black cape with gold trim and black pants and shoes. My dress was a cream color with gold trim and shoes that matched exactly (the spirits were on my side that day). I altered the sleeves since I was wearing a corset so I wanted my arms to breathe. I looked puffed since I made a crinoline underskirt that itched like crazy. If you remember the end of Sixteen Candles, I did a little dance like the bride to get the underskirt and corset off.
Boy did I end up hating sewing and my machine keilled over the day before the rehearsal day...boy did I hate sewing after that.

My sister made her and my mother's costumes. My mother-in-law made her costume, Beth's and Jeanne's and Mike's and my mother-in-law's sister made her own. Pat, the flower girl's mom, made Sarah's (the flower girl).

I made Amanda's (William's sister on his father's side) costume and all the groomsmen and the readers'(there were 3) coats (using William's pattern) - total 6. They were all color matched - I matched Amanda with Matt (William's brother on his mother's side) and Beth (William's sister on his mother's side) with Andrew (William's brother on his father's side), the readers (William's brother, James and my little brothers, Leo and Andy) were all the same color (I think).

Just to confuse everyone - Jeanne is William's older sister - he has a lot of siblings.

Roy found an online costume store for all the shirts. My father in law, John, and his wife, Sue THANKFULLY were able to devise their own costumes. All the men wore black pants and black shoes. Justin, William's old friend and Sarah's brother, also devised his own costume. My cousin, Jeremy, surprised me with his scottish Ren outfit - he had to lie on the floor to get the whole outfit on.

My (Rosa's) Side

Jeremy (Uncle Miguel's Son), Anderson (my little brother), Leo(my little brother), William, ME, my mom (her names' Rosa too), Margarita (my twin), Uncle Miguel (my mom's older brother, Aunt Audrey(Miguel's wife), Chris (Uncle Miguel's Son), Uncle Martin (my mom's younger brother)

William's Side
His family is a split - both his mom and dad remarried and each had a boy and a girl the same years.
His Mom's side: Jeanne (older sister), Mike (Beverly's husband, married 2000), Beverly (William's mom), William, Me, James (William's slightly younger brother), Janelle (Jame's wife, married 1999), Beth (William's little sister), Matt(William's little brother).

His Dad's side: Andrew(William's little brother), Jeanne, Amanda (William's little sister), William, Me, John (William's Dad), Sue (His Dad's wife), Janelle, James.

Here is Nana (Beverly's mom, Edith) and her sister, Winnie. I initailly chose Aunt Winnie's pattern until I found the one I ended up using.

Here is a close-up of the veil - the materials was $22/yard but it had the green, the gold and the white - I trimmed it with a simple cotton lace edging. You can see the white swirls - they had pale green and golden accent swirls


For each guest, I had glasses (16 oz. tumblers) printed, made butterflies for seating cards (thanks to Martha Stewart and her wedding's magazine) and made small chinese-style boxes full of chocolate biscotti bramble (I work with Mary Wetmore at Higginson who is the Biscotti Lady).

The Cake

Beth's then dance teacher also made cakes - she was very reasonable and she made me the Martha Stewart Woodland Wedding cake.

The Invitation

I forgot that I made all the invitations, and my own bouquet. I made the corsages and boutoneeres. I even crafted (hot-glued matching ribbons and flowers with small cups with their names) the large votive holders for the bridesmains - they walked in with them lit - 'twas cool. You can see that in the first all-girls picture.

Did I mention I was crazy? Yeah, I was tired...

The Church

We were married in St. Anne's Catholic Church in Salem - Roy was married there before the fire and the renovation made all the insides wood thus PERFECT setting for this wedding.

I had no funds (except evil credit) - luckily my mom and mother-in-law and everyone helped with time and funds. I was also able to find great deals with fabric and other stuff. We had a caterer (who I will never use again or recommend), a great photographer (who thought I came from money and charged me twice what she charged my brother-in-law) and a limo (who went out of business due to 9/11).

We went on a lovely cruise to Bermuda for the honeymoon compliments of William.

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