My Ball Joint Dolls


12-15-2005 - Simon making time

This was the firs time Simon met other same-sized people and I had the feeling he was a little confusedby the whole thing - all those (maybe willing) I tried to help him and see what he looked like trying to "make time"...

Next to Ivy's Lishe, he looks more masculine. HTis was from a Doll Club meet on November 26. This makes me want a Lishe even more...

12-06-2005 - New Chair!

I finally went to the AJ Wright in Danvers and found this. My mom-in-law went there on the opening day and reported nothing great so I didn't have any great hopes but William's been desperate for jean cargo pants which we haven't found in a LONG while (originally found in Walmart). I found this and he found long johns. It was more than it would be priced in Penn. - $17 - but I thought it worth it. It was also a little dirty and needs a little cleaning.

Soon to be moved to the Harang Page that I haven't started yet...
My free desk - complement of the AC Moore who was just going to throw it away...
It just need a ton of nut/bolts to hold it together.


I made these shirts using the short sleeve James Pattern as a starter with some changes to the bottom and the sleeves.

Halloween, the Batbag and Snow


The other night I went to Joann's and found some nice silky fury stuff: Here's my third (not-so-bad as the others) wig. It is in "sage" using Laura's wig pattern increased to 105% and the sideburns sewed under. The pics are lousy since the room has crap lighting and it was late last night.


Worst pants ever - all he really does at home is lounge around so I made him awful lounging pants. I used the pattern I made for my shapeless cloth dolls - it's a little tight in the crotch but they're fine to sit in. I've cut out the button up shirt in the same material using DoA James' pattern but I didn't have a chance to sew it up.


Here he is sporting his new black T-shirt with removable sleeves. I've been dying to use the sleeve material for years - I have a tiny bit of it but it's plenty in his size. His aweful shorts are temporary - there is naked cloth doll b/c of these shorts.

His white t-shirt. I haven't made the final version yet.

His perfect little socks!

And the best part - his perfect little briefs!!! They even fit prefect under the pants he came with. His pants are probably SD 13 sized which is roomy in the waist.

Meet Simon
My CP El - arrived 9/8/2005

He arrived when I gave up hope thinking I would have to give up my Holiday day (Friday) to shlep in to 2nd work and wait out either my boss going to the post office or the postman. This is the 1st floor on the piano...

Here he is with all his goodies!

The first ime with Maeve and his first time standing for me!

An aweful picture on my aweful seat in my awful room at 2nd work...yep aweful...

Here he is boing up on William's favorite subject - Picasso! He's sitting on one of his shipping pillows.

About 5 AM on 9/9/2005 - I couldn't sleep so I got everyone up and Simon was completely useless in looking through the baby book for a name for (Adel). My goal was to get away from purple names - Violet, Viola, and flowers...though I just realized Maeve is very close to mauve...oh well. I need to get her a new wig!

See Maeve!

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