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Notdoll Lab Aletheia
(originating from Angelregion)

I found her on ebay on Janaury 11th, some messages passed back and forth, and with clarification, she was purchased for the same price with shipping as a brand new one from notdolllab and even cheaper than Angelregion (not counting their recent sale). But I wanted the original one, the one with the pale face-up, the white dress and wavy hair. I had to have her - she is my dream doll.

Here's pics of her on her ebay listing sold by "marina-ann" on ebay. I'm guessing she bought her a while ago from Angelregion before all the sales and newer editions of her. It also looks like she never left her box - many people don't seem to like her since she's a vampire doll with gigantic eyes - the Luts vamps are popular but super hard to find.

Here is what she looks like now on notdollab's website - I was a little heartbroken when I saw the update but was resigned to it since I really had no choice.

I'm just happy I got the one I really wanted with the right face-up.

And here she is!

Here's her older picture from NotDollLab borrowed from an old pic originally posted on the Dolls and Friends Website. It's a biggish picture.

She arrived Friday but I had to pick her up on Saturday (1/14/2006) at the post office.

Arrival Pictures

Her box has a postmark from July of 2005 from Korea so that give me an idea of production date. I've seen all the cons about this doll from DoA so I know her flaws - the major ones being her super weak ankles and I think I remembering reading about her head turning issues - No up and down which is b/c of the way the hook is in her head - I think I should be able to fix that with a bit of wooden dowel. I might look for different eyes for her with less white in them. So far she is a little lifeless with the stark look on her face but sometimes different wigs help.

Fixing Her Neck Movement

After some plotting, I sad down on Sunday, 1/29/2006 and fixed the way her neck moves. I've heard of the problems these girls have, one of which is neck movement. Well, notdoll sticks a HUGE hook holding an internal elastic (which I'm pretty sure is for her arms) where you only see one loop of and it's anchored in the space in the back of her eyes. Then you have one body elastic knot that was tied in her head which which also holds her head on. It's insane. The hole is almost like a slot going from the front to the back. I had a #5 knitting needle arouns that I used for another project (I had lost the other needle). I clipped off a little over an inch piece, slid it in the loop and under the knot with the ends facing front and back. So far it hasn't moved.

Here's a picture of what I did.

Now she has a much better range of movement - all she could really do was turn her head side to side.

New Wig! 3/3/2006
Don't know maker or place of origin but the inside label looks like a 6/7 with an 8/9 written over it - the person I bought it from originally bought it for her CP Soo whose giant noggin wears a 9/10. Amelia's been wearing the default wig for Margarita's MSD Souldoll Katie which which really well so I wasn;t too worried about the fit of the new wig.

Her Knee Braces

Sorry for blurry pictures but they are just knee braces and they keep her legs straight with the aid of the boots.
Just ultrasuede (I have a lot of mauve) with punches holes, ribbon and cut up zip-ties glued with the clear, smelly, stick-to-anything glue. She is wearing long socks under them. her boots cover the bottom 1/2 inch...

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