My Ball Joint Dolls

Update on 10/6/2005
Heels! on 11/22/2005
Removable Ultrasuede Boots on 11/23/2005

Meet Maeve
My eldfoll adel.

How we met...

My sister's doll!!!

To my dismay, she has no underpants and the outfit is awful - of course I set to work on underthings...

Last Christmas, my lovely sister got me these miniature buttons (the smallest you can find and they're not cheap) but they are perfectly sized.
My syster is so lucky, I made a set for her doll with a tiny green leaf on the front.
Her clothes are removable - her underpants were a little tight halfway up her thights due to her hippiness but the ultrasuede has a tiny bit of give and neither she nor her pants broke.

Here are my Tiny bear in purple and my two middle-sized bears in white and brown.

Here she is with my miniature cloth doll (whose clothes you can remove and the arms and legs are posable) and my normal sized miniature bear whose about 2.5" tall.

Here she is posing with all the things I've made recently...
You can even see the one cat I've made - I made a pattern but Ihaven't made another one yet - I even bought green decoy eyes to give that cool cat stare...

Her new home I bought last weekend before I made the final descision to adopt her. It's a vaultz pencil box from Staples. I thought the blue was a sign...

I plan making a little bedroom with all sorts of cute things.


Here she is in her little chair and her little "Simon" mug. She's in her new shoes and skirt!


The start of her little room. The A.C. Moore has these one room doll house kits for $26 and since I get a discount and I had a coupon, I bought it after putting it back twice on 2 different days.

It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be - it's the perfect dormroom size. It was awful to glue together since normal clear tape, masking tape and even duct tape wouldn't stick to it to hold it together for the glue to dry. I know - I should have nailed it together but I decided to be lazy in that respect. The camera warped the image a little but it looks right in real life.

I haven't finished it yet but I plan on using the upholstery velvet for her carpet and decorative papers for wallpaper. I'm very close to buying light fixtures so I can seal up the windows since normal sun will eventually yellow her - you can see I put the door and the window opening back in.


Just me killing two birds with one stone - Maeve in her new heels compliments of her Auntie Margarita (slinky dress also from her) and the wierd wooden doll I from "Made by Orem". They claim she is 2 inches - she is actually 2.5 inches.

She's even standing up by herself for a second.

Removable Ultrasuede Boots

Maeve is propped up in the first but standing all by herself in the next.
The boot is made up of a back part, a front/tongue part, the inside soul all sewn together and a foam heel glued on. The ultrasuede is soft and you can move her feet up and down. The laces are crochet thread. They are like people-sized boots so you have to loosen and tighten the laces as well as tie them. There is the optional strip that wraps the soul and hides any stitches which you can see in the prototype 2. These brown boots have the optional fringe at the top. There is a left and right boot.


These boots were born from a DoA member showing me pictures of boots she originally got for her Blythe/Pullip from possibly ebay, found they didn't fit and put them on her elfdoll instead. I wanted to make these boots but not in vinyl but with sewing. Here's my prototype pictures.

They were born using the pattern I made for her little slip-on shoes (pictured above with her Simon mug of 9/9/2005).

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