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Fabric/Supply Related
Gail Wilson Designs - small print fabic and interesting doll ideas and patterns
Megan Noel's Page - beading and art
Shelley Thornton - I love to stare at her dolls.
Fyhr Works - Felt Doll Contruction
Bearwood Wood Products, Canada - Where I get my 1.5" wooden beads - if you know of anyone in the US, please let me know!
Chiharu Kikuchi - Good Doll Making Techniques
Wee Folk Studio - Felt Wee Folk

Doll Stuff
Annette Himstedt
Maggie Iacono
Ute Vasina - Cloth Dolls - good tibetan lamb hair - I bought one each of black, golden blond and auburn but I haven't be brave enough to use them yet.
Runo's dolls - with a great shoe tutorial.
Den of Angels Forum
Zone of Zen Forum
Doll Chat
Blythe: Miss Blythe Links
Lunar Ark - Dolphie Plus Forum
Resin Dreams Forum
Den of Demons Mirror Site - Doll Forum
Controversial Doll - Doll Forum

Puppet Related
Muppet Central - I think it's fansite for all things muppet, puppet and Henson-created.
The New Henson Website (as of December 2004)

Art Related
Matt Marsilia - Illustrator
Matt's Neighbor, Jared who does webdesign - has now moved to Maine.
Heavy Metal
Mark Ryden
Nate Van Dyke - a friend of Matt's who we met Halloween 2004
My co-worker and a great illustrator, Laura DaSilva.

Paper Related
Robert Sabuda

Wed Design Related
Web Monkey - thank god for cheat sheets

Boyfriend of the Week
Rick Sringfield Official Site
Rick Springfield Fan Club
I'm a staffer for the 2007 Anime Boston - an Anime Convention

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