My Ball Joint Dolls - Souldoll Harang

Henry Thomas - More Pictures

Here's his face-up I did on 1/7/2006 under different lighting conditions - I gave myself a nasty migraine the next day for this...I pretty much started twice, realized Brush cleaner is pretty awful for mistakes and Mr. Super Clear...

I did okay for my first time - I plan on doing it again since the coloring is a little wrong and I wanted to paint more like his eye lids, his upper lid crease, his lips. The rest is pretty much cheap pastel.

On 1/9/2006, I made him a black long sleeve shirt (not pictured yet) and beige pants. I finally made him a top for his piggy pajamas.

Also my failed wig attempt - I need to plan better. I started well enough with the little cap...but weft attachment made it too tight so I need to start again.

In my office this moring wearing one of Simon's coats. Simon seems too cool for this one anymore...

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