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Henry? Thomas?

More pictures of Henry Thomas...January 2006 Gallery - since I'm sure I'm out of control...

1/3/2006 - Box Opening

He wasn't to arrive til possibly January 6th or 7th at the earliest. I asked Janice at Sunrise Dolls to hold him since he arrived from Souldoll to her doorstep in Florida About December 27th which was when I was on vacation. I wanted the box to go to my second work since I can't really trust my postman - I haven;t gotton over the awfulness of my Halloweeen packages - so she was to ship him PARCEL POST December 30th. So I was planning on waiting - I cheaped out with the parcel post and I'm practicing delayed gratification.

My box walks in right before I was going to warn him about the package with a HUGE box. I apologise and he said he was fine - he was worried it was full of books - it weighed just about nothing. I was worried since it was SOOOO HUGE - could my order been wrong and I was upgraded to a bigger doll by mistake?

Here are pics!

The first shot has by boss in it using the computer in my area - the "offices" are a little wierd but everyone can pretty much find their own privacy. Even the "kipping" box was huge - at least his cushions were normal sized. His bits were just about everywhere though so I was a little worried about damage. Nothing broken or damaged though. One thing was he came without his face-up. I got reimbursed (even more than I paid) from Janice and I'm looking forward to the experience.

He came with a Ron Weasley wig - it's the best way I can explain it - and the wierdest eye color - sometimes purplish, sometimes grey, depends on the light which creep William out. SO he wears Simon's new hat.

Some Assembly shots.

I cheated with this - I used the Luts version of folding the elastic for his legs knowing I would have to do this a few times. Took about 3 tries to get his legs right, about the same for his arms. His legs I couldn't get tight enough, he arms, too tight the 2nd time. His head has some turning issues which is probably why they make you cut the elastic in half since the knots even out his head placement so I might need to go back in fiddle some more.

I sueded his legs (ankles, knees and hips) using very thing ultrasuede and elmers glue - something temporary til I get plither and time to coat his body with Mr. Super Clear. He stands pretty well - he can't really sit down since his pants are funny

His Clothes:
I made him the James' MSD jeans, shrank his SD open front shirt to 75%, made my MSD briefs and MSD socks. I can see the issues with my socks - I guess they need to be looser. My briefs fit fine and I look forward to more time to make him the boxers. The shirt fit great. The pants - well, I know they wouldn't fit over the briefs. They would fit if he didn't sit down or wear undies. The leg width is very good but it would need another 1/4 inch so the legs could be finished. I'm going to try 105%.

A family shot and him in my office 1/4/2006.

His original eyes They are "premium". I swear they must be his default eyes in the picture. On their website, the closest are pretty pale which would come from the flash. I couldn't take the same picture twice. Here's the closest I got, then Souldoll's which are WAY too light, then a close-up of their picture of Harang on their website. They get very dark in his head and seem to have this effect. I asked for the default Harang face-up but they forgot the face-up and included these eyes - I did get reimbursed though.

How about his awful wig - it does not look that neat when you get it and try to put it is everywhere!

Friday, 1-6-2006, Morning Pictures

Some doll family shots - one of the many goodies William brought home for my dolls - he intended them for Simon but I think Simon's a little older than William thinks he is. I thought they were perfect for the little one though.

Of course the sun isn't up yet, so these could be considered awful night pictures.

In my office after the sun came up.
His wig is starting to grown on's actually a little lighter than in these pictures and very much the color from the souldoll website.

See Maeve! or See Simon!

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