Gallery of Projects

I guess I needed a general Gallery, be it doll-related or craft-related since I post pictures on my livejournal but
they have no real home on my website. I bet a Flickr account would solve this but I'll start here and see how I do.

My Tiny Non-BJD Assortment as of tiny things....

The Lounge...

Here's my first version of my Tiny activity area.
There's a place for older tinies to sit, chat and have tea.
There is also a play area for the younger ones when they come.
Feels a little like setting up a nursery for the advent of arrival. So far, it's Barbie Tiny central.
I hope to add a Lati White, an OrientDoll Ji Girl and Boy and a Nari-pon Daisy or Pansy (can't remember the right name)

I've picked up and am waiting on a TON of crochet cotton so I've started a new coin bag - I love my blue one and might add a few more in different colors.
The blue bag is a few years old and is for quarters and is super soft and probably washed maybe once ever.
The new one I started feels starched.

Group Photo

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