Finished gallery: May/June/July

July 25, 2006

White Standing Cat with pink paws and ears with block onyx bead eyes.
1.5 inches (or 3.5 cm) tall.

July 20, 2006

My tiny shoe patterns have come full circle - Elfdoll Maryjanes.
Lola refused to stand up in these as she felt they did not match her dress (the prototype did but I only made one shoe).

Two close ups: (1), (2)

July 13, 2006

You never know how they're really turn out until you finish them. This lucky feline has a crazy eye - it's the one on the left.
I hate putting the glass eyes in the standing cat as it was designed for the onyx beads
so I always seem to get a crazy eye, an eye that refused to do as it should or could.
Yes, this one is cute and all my little creations are pretty much one of a kind and I'm being
too hard on the little guy. I hope his owner can accept this one into her heart.
It's kinda cool how this one seems to has nostril holes though I'm pretty sure that's a trick of the light.

July 9, 2006

Pictures I took this morning for Margarita in the underwear she made my girls.

My Lishe wearing the outfit from the Haute Doll August 2006 pattern increased 155% and altered.

June 18, 2006

New lati White green dress, 2 kitties (I hand-dyed the blue) and Lati White green boots.

June 4, 2006

Crochet Dress and booties from Tea Rose Size 30 crochet cotton. No pattern used. Bootie on left was the first so it's a little messed up.
Reference picture of Krissy with my SD sized girl, Amelia.

Pants for Ivy with real button and a Whole outfit for Charlie.
Buttoning pants but I ruined the zipper due to miscalculation.
White outfit is a skirt with elastic waistband and ribbons inside to keep it at hip height.
Crochet top and Chifon with scalloped edge. I need to make white shoes.
Close ups of the pants, pants waistband, the white outfit, the white outfit without filmy top, the filmy top, the crochet top.

May 31, 2006

Crochet Outfit for Kelly - intended for my Nari-pon when I have the cash...

(Big Version of last pic)

SD Sized Doll Pants...made a blue pair for my Lishe, beige for Simon and beige for someone I'm making a few girl pants for.

(Pocket Detail 1 of Beige Pants) (Pocket Detail 2 of Beige Pants) (Detail of blue jeans)

(Big version)

All pants are slimmer versions in the thigh area so one can still sit
without the bagginess of the original pattern.
I do like the effect and my goal is tight girl pants.

May 15, 2006

Here's Lola with 3 cats - a purple sitting one, a pink and a black standing pair.

Cat Close-up - as always, they are a little wierd which is the hazzard of hand-craft.
Glass eyes for the purple one - painted darker pruple but the effect is pretty much lost. Yellow glass eyes for the black and onyz beads for pinky.

Then my first attempt at kelly-sized crochet - a dress with two snaps in the back and a pair of booties. I'll be able to do more when I expand my crochet cotten comes in next week (size 20's and 30's - I only have one and it's the varigated you see here.

May 7, 2006

Homage to Sher

That's the best I can do with pictures - super detail just isn't possible.
This may be the only one I EVER make - Lola needed something and this was definately something she could use. Skirt: Matel. Top, boots: Rosa

May 5, 2006

Shoe Order...

They look squished but they are made of ultrasuede which is soft and squishable. All working buttons and laces.
I don't think you have to undo the strap for the Mary Janes.
When my sister tested them, she said she didn't have to and I tested a few on my lasts using a paperclip as a shoehorn and they went on.
Socks might be a different matter. Either way, if anything breaks, I replace for free.

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