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April 25, 2006

Cut and sewn a few things on Monday - sewed a ragland where i forgot to add seam allowance (damn) but it fits at least one doll.
MSD boy pants since Henry really needed new pants. Used the black moleskin Margarita gave me for slinky black pants and
a skirt - neither very sexy but I plan on selling the pants. All patterns from DoA.

Tiny Shoe Update - all final shoes on my For Sale for Tinies Page.

April 17, 2006

Finished AGA and Pocket Fairy Shoes for Margarita to will come when they come with her dollies.
Sunday was Easter and shrinky-dinks were played with in the AM.
Monday I forced myself to work on sewing in my studio - I warmed up with working on my Gail Wilson Rabbits.
I sewed their outfits which I had sitting around as cut-outs for probably a year now.

April 13, 2006

Progress on AGA fairy/Cumi and Pocket Fairy Shoe Prototypes:



The lasts are fimo, the material is ultrasuede, the buttons are strinky-dinks things I had in my fixin's.
They'll look better with soles and proper lacing and finishing.

April 12, 2006

Example cloth dolls:

Both 2 inches tall; swatch #38, white with blue flowers and swatch #40, multiflower.
Working on sewing more of these to have examples for the swatch page,
to have more in stock and attempt to prepare for the street fair in October.

April 1, 2006

Grey upholstery velvet cat with ultrasuded paws and glass eyes (almost 2 inches tall)
2 Inch Cloth Doll in blue (in 02_pale blue material)
for an order
Lola is kind enough to sit in as a model.

MSD Mary Jane Prototype: pretty awful...

MSD pattern correction and second prototype - very wearable! I still need to figure out if I'll use snaps or try to find tiny buckles...

I plan on sewing the strap in between the shoe lining and the shoe material. Sorry for the awful socks - I need to make more - I keep giving my good ones away.

My first attempt at Tiny Elfdoll Sandals

Made from two layers of pink foam, 1/8 inch ribbon (which was more mauve than pink). The straps are sandwiched between the foam layers, glued with foam glue, then a bit of ribbon is wrapped aound the foam to make everything pretty.


Took pics at dollclub - here's business pics...

Ivy's Soony in my SD Baby T - looks like I'm sewing for a Lishe I will someday have as all the clothes I make fit the Luts Mature body the best. Sorry for the blur.

The best pic so far with the baby T is when Soony's sitting on Sue's Yukinojos lap...yes the SD16. He is much more impressive in real life.

Sue was kind enough to leave me with her dolls to change! Here's her SD13 big bust girl.

And Sue's 60 CM Narae...
The fit was a little wierd - Narae's lean forward a little which makes the fit a little awkward. I plan on making a more open collar which would solve that problem.

My fitted T on Ivy's Soony.

Peasant top on Ivy's Soony.


Purple material from Ivy at Dollclub - hardest stuff to sew besides chiffon but looks okay in the James Peasant Top pattern. Meant to be with the purple pants.

Baby blue pants and top - MSD pants pattern by James, MSD top from a barbie pattern.

Front 1 and Front 2 and Back with Doll, front and back without doll
Front 2 has the pants riding a little lower. Newer versions will definately have the full velcro closure for the shirt as it's smoother looking as it's a snug shirt.

I made SD baby shirts too - pics coming soon.


Damn - the rement fairy visited again - William traded the 3 other rement food things for one o the ones I really wanted - power rangers!

Now to wait and see when I get the true one I super wanted - the round canister bento! It even has cigarettes.


I had a very productive weekend up until on Monday when I accidentally broke my sewing machine foot controller. My hubby was kind enough to pick up a new one as Sears has a parts center near where he works so all will be well.

I finished this order on Sunday - Lola and Maeve are kind enough to pose with everything.

On Satruday I was mad with face-ups and sewing!
CP El Sleeping head - my first try - I plan on it again, pics with and without flash.

And My Bee-A

There are fine lines on her lips that don;t show up and sometimes I can;t quite see them either. This face-up thoroughly surprised me - I think I may have finally mastered the fine liner brush!

Sewing - made her an outfit with matching boots!
Pretty good for a first try in the larger shoe department.


This doesn't count as manufacturered by me but it has more than one doll and I wanted to include the pictures...Re-Ment!!!!! One of William's co-workers went to the New York Con last Weekend - I did not want to pursue a bus trip as our last one to NY was awful and overnight...William asked that she could look for the bento lunch box sets for me which I've been obessing over since I found out they came out last year. I got two of them and a few other food-related items.


Pants created on 2/22 in the evening due to extremely boring Olympics.
They started with skating at 8 PM for about 20 minutes then those rat bastards finished the damn skating (after I fell asleep at about 10:30) around 11 to 11:30 PM.
During speed skating, various other incredibly boring winter sports, I created purple pants that look very pink too.
The same pattern as the beige pants but thinner material made a larger pair of pants - I need to thin down the thighs and waist so they'll fit better. I know I want to make hip-huggers too.


Look whose sister gave her barbie patterns to mess with. Yep - they are SD sized! Made 2/18-21...all cotton. Blue dress with clear snaps, other one I misjudged and made to fit her perfectly with a hook and eye.

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