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My girl clothes on Ivy's Luts CP Soony on a mature body.

She is even wearing bikini briefs under the pants and she perfectly fills out the T. Im agine what I could do with tiny zippers! So far everything I've made for Amelia fit a Luts girl.


More crap I made last weekend (and before that) that I took pics of last night...

I finished this maybe 2 weeks ago...

I used Jame's patterns for the peasant top (elastic is hell) and the skirt - no changes needed!

Here is an altered bustier top from the corset pattern on DoA - I changed the pattern enough to call it my own methinks...and my girl undies I plan on selling! These are palish pink.

More undies! - click for bigger pics - I realized my pages are bandwidth hogs...

And my girl wearing boy briefs...the last set I stole off of her and gave to Ivy's Lishe...


I made quite a few things last weekend!

I made pants (the SD Jame's pattern, a little baggy in the hip but fits well) and a shirt (a peasant top from James' patterns) for Amelia and last night I whipped this T-shirt together with an iron-on I've been dying to use. The T-shirt pattern in Feb 2006 Haute Doll, page 28 by Randall Craig as barbie sized. You only need to increase to 155% and use a stretchy material and it should fit on just about any doll. It's a little big on Amelia so it should be perfect on many other dolls. I also made bikini briefs which I hope to sell too.

Forgive the awful back to the T - my sewing machine threw a small fit at me sewing bits of velcro - I was planning on using a whole piece but I wasn't sure if I would like the T. I sooo love Ganesh!


More elfdoll boots.
WIth all macro shots - I have some problem with things coming in and out and I think the green head hindered the black boots - so I do the old photoshop trick of brightness and overlay it in the corner so detail can be seen. Voila - I am a computer goddess.

1-16-2006 - DD Babydoll Dress mock-up and reod or order lost in mail

I though this was funny - since my big girl was waiting at the post office,
I procrastinated and made the babydoll dress posted by James on DoA - some intuition is needed to make it.

So I subjected Simon to it - it fit him better than any of the girls I tried it on - it definately needs
to be brought together in the middle more for the ones with boobs.

These were cool - I made them for a replacement order but I wanted to see what they would look like on the thigh-highs on my vamp. It's a pretty picture too.

1-13-2006 - Miniature Monkey

2.5 inches tall, brown upholstery velvet, beige ultrasuede and blank onyx eyes

12/27/2005 - Sd Pants: 105%, Elfdoll clothes

I think is is good - all but the waist in underpants - they don't fit at all over the briefs but do fit over the boxers. I think I might just alter the waist enough so he can wear things under them. He can wear the snug boxer-briefs buttoned and sitting. Here are the various looks of the jeans. I'm happy I can actually use them.

Since I sold the boxer briefs I made, I decided to make him cute blue ones. I didn't find any proper snaps in the house and found a few GIGANTIC snaps that do the job well.

Here is the outfit Margarita made Maeve - the cute skirt and the pink top - the ribbons were long and I like the wrap-around look so I had a very pleasant surprise with the effect.

And I made Maeve some clothes - cute little mod dresses that were originally free blythe patterns! Both are fully lined with a tiny snap at the neck.

12/13/2005 - SD Coat, Second Try

This is James Pea Coat pattern at 105% which is a much better fit in brown corduroy,
a cotton lining with real buttons and button holes.
It isn't bulky and I can get his clothes through the sleeves.
His gameboy sd fits in the pocket!

12/15/2005 - More Socks

White kitty socks with garters

The bow should go on the side but I slid it over to the front for pictures - the garter seam should be in the back so there is a left and right garter. It can albe be used on the upper thigh.

12/13/2005 - SD Coat

Started with James Pea Coat pattern. Did a muslin one without lining and it fit well. Made real one in thicher (warmer) dark grey with a matching ling and it's too tight for my taste. No room for buttons either - and it wants two sets.

Yeah - and the SD pants (Hiphugger pattern) fit too if your boys like 'em tight and no drawers - I think increasing each by 5 to 10 percent and straightening out the bellbottom thing should resolve the situation. Made pants with muslin so imagine how jean-ish material would's an amazing pattern though - very detailed but you will need the text instructions and tons of sewing knowledge to make them.

12/9/2005 - Tiny Coat, test and correction (no lining)

12/1/2005 - Kitty Socks - No more dimple at bottom!


11-26-2005 - StephG's Ash modeling...



Simon's new socks...




10/7/2005 - A pink and a red bear for a local, non BJD order.

Other pics of completed projects that I have to look the date up of but are too cute not to post:

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