Crochet Cotton Color Page

I'm working on getting a better handle of my crochet cotton collection.
I have size 10, 20 and 30 and a few tatting bits too.

All my size 20's are marked on the color cards with red stars.


This is used for the smaller doll clothes (everything on my Tinies page not counting Lati Yellow clothes and hats and YoSD espadrilles

Crochet Cotton Set 1: Cebelia's

Crochet Cotton Set 1: Opera's

Mixed - 10's and 20's

Halcyon Yarns

The ones I have are marked.

These are the "LARGER SIZE COTTON"

Here are my size 10 - used for Lati yellow dresses and hats and YoSD espadrilles.
White and Black are not shown but are available.

New on Sept. 9, 2014 - TEAL!