My Ball Joint Dolls - Dodo, eldfoll tiny

Meet Lola
My eldfoll Dodo.

She has a checkered past - I'm her fifth owner and plan on being her last. She has had a pretty harrowing life - her first owner in Virginia had her for 2 weeks and realized this tiny wasn't a match. She then traveled to Canada where she fell with a husband accident breaking her hand. She then traveled to Iceland and then Pennsylvania. My sister rescued her for me. I'm working on giving her a make-over.

Here's a picture of her at my sister's house sporting a my sister's handicraft of pants and a shirt in Tommy shoes.

Here's what she looks like now.

She wearing a mohair-covered headcap - my first elfdoll wig.

Here she is with Maeve.

Lola is wearing a pink skirt and knitted socks by my sister, a shirt she came with, hair by me. Maeve is wearing a mohair headcap and dress by my sister.

She needs more work and her face needs some piant but she'll be fine.

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