Tiny Cloth Dolls

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You're also welcome to visit my finished page from Page 2 for more images of completed tiny things.

Here is a comparison of my current 2.5 inch cloth doll and the new 2 inch cloth doll.
The size difference is nice but it was harder to sew...

Above and below are ocean-girl's Aga dolls posing with their 2.5 inch cloth dolls - all the way in Hawaii!

I made the 6 inch dolls as companions for my large dolls (they're 25 inches tall). The first doll in the blue was my first attepmt and figuring out the pattern. I was trying something smaller and saw some of Gail Wilson's dolls. I used craft felt for the body and cotton fabric for the clothes. The clothes are dress, pantaloons, slip and apron. The beige doll is the follow-up in felt and a better pattern. The red doll uses a doesuede/microsuede faric for a softer body. I crocheted the tiny bag with size 20 cotton thread and the tiny doll (2.5 inches) is a similar pattern without a slip.

The red doll is Noel's companion and the brown doll is my step-mother-in-law's doll companion. Here are a few of my tiny bears (1.25 inches tall) with a shrinky dink tag with my info and the last tiny doll I did before the bear craze. The frog is Mickey Impey's companion.

I gave the tiny red doll and the bear on the right to my landlady.

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