Doll #8 - First Communion Doll
April 22, 2005

This is my second year serving up a personalized, hand-made doll for the church Service Auction. This doll is for a neice's First Communion with the addition of play clothes.

Yep - another doll where I don't get paid but it seems OCD of me. And yes! she is sitting by herself perched on the end of her seat - I'm always surprised that my dolls can balance.

I sat her down in a pew at work.

She has hazel eyes (a trick with green and brown embroidery thread used at the same time), pink lips and brown eyebrows. I was so happy that the glasses sold for 18" dolls fit the face of a 24" doll.

Her face was the first where I tried drawing out a face, phocopied it onto normal paper and then transferred the image with a small hot hand-iron. I couldn't believe it would work. I figured out the facial features (nose, dimmpling) before the transfer so everything would fit. Now I think I should have done the eyes/mouth before hand and ironed it on so I could get the dimpling more even-sided. Her embroiderey was easier since I didn't have to fight with pencil lines. Who knew how many tricks there are out there... I'm really happy with this face though I could work the chin and ears a bit more.

You can better see her bracelet and necklace in this pciture. I used a Blue Moon bead bag set with a pink theme with premaid link I had left-over from halloween. Yes, I can do jewelry beading. I considered teaching a class on this at the local A. C. Moore with intricate beading techniques but an employee beat me too it with her awful yet simple designs. What, me jealous?

And here is my first attempt at a Gail WIlson Pattern. I've been collecting them for about a year from ebay. I won't use the things inside but this is the first time I actually copied the pattern since a baby doll from scratch wasn't cooperating and I was getting desperate. Yes, you need permission to sell them but I think I'm okay since I'm just giving it away. The little rabbit is made from upolstery velvet with small matching button joints in shoulders and hips. Black button eyes and embroidery thread features. All cotton clothes with a pink theme - pantaloons, dress and pinafore with real working buttons on the back of the dress and on the pinafore's tabs over the shoulders.

Here are her play clothes. A red hoodie zipped sweatshirt, a white long sleeve T-shirt with pink cotton trim, and blue jeans with white canvas slip on sneakers. I even knit/crocheted a backpack for her with a small keychain fob. The bottom is crocheted so I could control the form and make a good base and then I looped a bunch of loops and knit up to the top and made the flap. The strap was knit separately and attached. The intention of the bag was for her play clothes to fit inside but that obviously did not work as the clothes gained mass.

Here are close ups of the sleeves and sneakers.

As you can tell - underneath it all, it's still pretty awkward though I'm amazed that all my dolls have some resemblance to each other without being duplicates...
She does have underpants with an elastic waisteband and a camisol top.

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