Doll #6 - Purple Doll - June 19, 2004

Created for my new landladies for being kind enough to rescue us from a dead, crazy super-old and uber-mean former landlady.

Details: Her embroidered face and ultrasuede shoes - the shoes are an equivalent to a baby's size 1. She wears pantaloons (the combination of a slip top/pants)with pink collon crochet edging, a slip with pink collon crochet edging, cotton socks and ultrasude shoes with leather soles, a dress, overdress with flower eyelets, a bead waist belt, a bead necklace, a crocet purse. She has blue eyes and blond hair, she should be about 25" tall (though I didn't think to measure her).

William has termed her as my first "little lady" - she doesn't look like my other more child-like "babies". She is still very huggable and has the comforting weight my other dolls have.

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