Doll #5 - "Mickey Impey"

He is my auction doll. Won to the Minister (my boss) at the end of February, finished the 1st weekend in May 2004.

He has Blond chenille hair, and green eyes. His items include a "Mexican" colored crocheted napsack, a green frog, a nature journal, and insect puzzle, a cricket cage, green button up shirt, beige vest, green corduroy pants, white socks, white boxes, green/beige leather sandals and a green beaded snake. There are large and small glass and wooden beads in his hair.

The goal for this boy was to be the woodlandly troublemaker playpal to the "Josephina" American Girl Doll. He came out the slightly-confused slob in need of guidance hippy. He does have the most perfect face that I've created so far.

And His Beaded Snake

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