Here's My Sister's Halloween Doll - "Hally"

I was hoping to do more but I think she's elaborate enough - she has a winged, black cat, a pumpkin purse, a beaded charm, a bead necklace and a bracelet. I started her mid-January 2004 (I can't really remember) and finished her February 15th, 2004. I tried a new thing for the weaker parts of her face - she has "plastic surgery" - I have felt implants in her nose and chin. The chin worked very well but the nose will need more work - ah trial and error.

I'm going to try to get some ultrasuede and I can do better future purses.

Her cape ties in the front and you can hide her hair in it. It has a beaded tassel at the hood end so it will fall better. She has black double french chenille braids with matching ribbons. She also has another different set of ribbons. Her hair can be unbraided and it will fall nicely.

Her lined, cotton purse has glued on features. Her candy corn charm has a nifty pattern on the other side. And she has a cute cat companion.

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