More Dolls! - Jane and Noel

With the end of the Christmas 2003 season, I created two more dolls: one for my husband's mother and one for his step-mother. I've left the naming up to them so my mother-in-law named her doll "Noel" since she got her'd Christmas Eve. I haven't had a chance to call my step-mother-in-law to see what she named hers so she's "#2".

Here's some of the creative process - I used muslin this time instead of felt for the body, arms and legs, created better hands but the head process was still the same...and as before I made everything including clothes. The face is hand-sewn. The hair is experimental - I like the effect of the chenille yarn. The feet are done differently - I tried hiding the bead in the foot but it looked wierd to me. The foot still looks awkward, but as with everything else, it's all in progress. Much blood was spilled and my fingers still hurt but I liked the outcome. Both doll are at least 25" tall and can almost wear (very much altered) 18" doll patterns

Here's Doll #2 - "Jane"
She is a reddish-brown-based doll with brown (mulit-colored) hair and brownish red costume.She has socks and shoes, pants, a dress with long sleeves and collar, a jumper and a large ribbon holding back her short chenille hair. All materials are cotton. The only store bought thing was the baby socks from Target. Her toes are very cute here.

Here's Noel
She is the red-based doll with yellow accents and red hair. I finished her shoes after the photos were taken and they are similar to Noel's. Noel has Socks shoes, pants, long-sleeved dress and jumper with a ribbon holding back her long chenile hair. I'm still working on a less-awkward shoe.

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