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Here is a group I've finished so far as of September 1st, 2004.

There are all about 2 1/2 inches tall, made of short-pile upolstery velvet with ultrasuede paws (except for the brown bear who has something called Europa suede), embroidered faces and onyx bead eyes. I used jewelry pin heads and plastic disks for the 5 joints. The clothes are also ultrasuede and the small round bear is still not finished.

This bear I'm giving to my mom - I think she has a weakness for red and she's always been a sucker for stuffed animals. It's a way to try to get into her good graces since I probably suck as a married daughter. His ruff is 1/4" ribbon from the cheap ribbon section - we all have it lying around and I happened upon it in my search for the unknown in my little studio.

Here's my first Brown Bear.
He is available for adoption - just email me and we can negotiate.
You can actually see the little trick with getting the little tyks to stay put. Since I don't have any steel shot they are very light and almost too light to stand properly sometimes so the pin helps him out.

Here's my almost-Pooh Bear. You can see he's not pudgy enough but he'll look fine when I alter the pattern. He has a little coat with a stitch in the back. For future Pooh's, he'll have the coat open in the front with a small button for the old-fashioned pooh. I also want to do a little Piglet in pink/green ultrasuede.

Here's my Blue Bear with a white ribbon ruff. He seems to have a hairlip. I'm still feeling out the bear facila expressions - I've noticed most people make the expression big but they are so small that I'm afraid of overwhelming their faces. Thus strange smirks and grimaces.

Miniature Bears - 1.25 Inch

Here are my tiny freak bears. Normally I get it right the first time but so far they've all done wierd things. I tackled these first as I had the ultrasuede. Thankfully I found the upolstery velvet. I think I've done one perfect one and gave it to my sister. I have a few more to finish who might actually look normal. Some have pin/disk head joints and all have sewn joints in the arms and legs. They have sixe 15/0 black beads for eyes from Fire Mountain Beads - I think Shipwreck beads carried smaller 16/0 beads but I haven't gotten around to getting them.

November 12, 2004

I've made 3 more blue Tinees and they are perfect - the problem is I think they're misplaced in the house somewhere. I gave one to my sister and her friend took a great picture of it with a 5.1 megapixel sony camera - I have a crappy camera and probably could't duplicate this. He's sitting next to a 1 inch block. The little string by his foot is the remainder of the tiny tag I attached to his foot that my sister's coworker tugged at.

And I worked on the blue grimacing bear a little - I took its ribbon collar off and its face and made it a dress.

2 3/8 inch bear - Navy blue ultrasuede top, blue sheer ribbon with solid edging underskirt, blue beaded (size 11) outerskirt with a small blue square button on the back. This can come off the bear.

December 28, 2004

Well I found my other blue Tinies and moments later gave them to the two girlfriends on William's side - oh well.
Here are the bears I made specifically for Christmas (2004) .

Ballerina Bear and Kimono Bear

Red Socks Bear and Princess Bear

I was surprised how well they went - I think the baseball one was most preferred. I made a red Tinie for my mother-in-law and and a blue bear for one of the girlfriends who got a blue tinie. The last two bears were the fastest I've ever made them - I had about 4 days.

January 13, 2005

William was kind enough to approach Lauri Cabot about my dolls as she was perusing the aisles of the Moore and she said I should make an appointment with her - She is considered the "Official" Witch of Salem.

So I embarked on my mystic bear using my 2.5 inch bear (just made this Rose-colored one)...I've come up with lots of titles for possible bears: The Alchemist, the Druid, the Mage, the Witch, the Seer and this morning, the Mystic - so I dub thee "Mystic" least so far. Here's my prototype.

I used ultrasuede for the whole costume and filled the hat with a little stuffing. I've changed the hat a little so it'll fit better and plan on using beads as the neck closer. I might have versions with sleeves.

February 15, 2005

Here's what I'm up to so far: A monkey, a cat and better mage bears.

I have discovered the joy of flocking - I did a tiny bit of research into the miniature painting/decorating that the Warcraft people have been up with tiny tufts of grass and rock that line the tiny grounds of their tiny people.

September 29, 2005

Tiny Bear for Den Of Angels

This is the only time I will ever make a one inch bear...I'm going to re-do his face - it's bad - and his little arms are straight up (they move as well as his head but his legs do not move) so the fore-shortening is ruining the effect but this was the best picture I could take.

October 6, 2005 - Black Cat #2

Here is my second black cat using black textured upholstery velvet, black ultrasuede for paws and ears and glass decoy eyes. You can't tell the material is textured when you're using pieces in this scale but I realized making this that the black is tougher to work with as it loves to unravel when my other colors hold up five times better at the same scale. Maybe I'm jinxing myself with the black cat thing. It's about and inch and a half tall with pin joints in it's head and all legs.

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