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Halloween 2005

Update on Elephant costume - 9/20/2005

Finished dang-it!

And the baby inside the costume - swirled for her protection...

Here are my goals...

Here's the pattern - Simplicty #4501

Here's what I have so far. I used what crap I had lying around (when Jo Ann's had the 88 cent bolts) and tried out the pattern. What I had was too small and I've already adjusted the paper pattern to make the costume out of black material with tons of white lace.

You can see the underpants I made with the awful red-heart trim. Also my recycled crinoline underskirt which has yellowed over the years of sitting in a plastic box. The final dress will be long enough to hide the crinoline - the costume is real short-waisted. My true goal is Gothic Lolita - not Litle Bo Peep as my sister suggested laughing.

Here is what I'm making for my new niece - she'll be 5 month's old at mother-in-law bought all the supplies and pattern, I'm the free labor...

Stupid me agreed to make a Mickey robe for my younger brother-in-law, Matt. I'll most likely make two - he wants red and William will want one probably in black with the extra thing on the outside.

Halloween 2004

I made costumes for Halloween 2004 - we were a colonial couple. Here are a few bad pictures.

I look a little retarded in the outfit but William looked cute.
I obviously used existing patterns and the colors are far from historically accurate but we did get quite a few compliments.
Patterns: I am an altered version of Butterick #B3071 and William is Simplicity 4923.
Here's pics of the patterns from their respective websites:

Long Fall Front Trousers

Here they are on the seat I use at work.

Here they are on the man - he is a medium with a 30 inch leg. The material is natural colored bull denim and the buttons are from Jas. Townsend and Son. The button holes are machine made but the holes for the back lacing are hand-done (though now I wish I did it on the machine for esthetics).

Here are the pants I created from his supplied pattern for his gig on a boat. He is a colonial music player in the violin (fiddle) and needed sailor pants which are pretty much long britches.

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