This is a memorial book I did over Summer 2005 - simple font - very similar to the Lucida computer font.

Here is a close-up.

I found it - this was the example I had hanging at the A.C. Moore for my Intro to Calligraphy Class.
I made this after practicing for a few weeks - I was also very much into the Old English and Beowulf
and for a moment I truly wanted to transcribe Beowulf in it's entirety.
I must have made this in 2001 - I think I'm better now.

The "Lord's Prayer" in Old English
using Carolingian Miniscule calligraphy.

Example of Illumininated Manuscipt

On contemporary vellum paper using speedball pigmented acrylic inks and various steel nibs and tiny brushes.
It's held up pretty well for something that was on display for years - I don't think it's faded at all.

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