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These are all the books I own and I probably own too many. Some I would recommend and some I wouldn't but we all have different tastes. Email me if you'd like a review.

Doll Related
The Dolls' Clothes Collection by Christina Harris
The Dolls' Dressmaker by Venus Dodge
Sew the Storybook Wardrobe by Joan Hinds And Jean Becker
Sew the International Wardrobe by Joan Hinds
Anatomy of A Doll, Finishing the Figure, Designing the Doll and Fantastic Figures - all by Susanna Oroyan
Baby Dolls and Their Clothes by Valeria Ferrari
The Complete Book of Dollmaking by Pamela Peake
Crafting Cloth Dolls by Miriam Christensen Gourley
How to Make Enchanting Miniature Teddy Bears by Debbie Kesling

Calligraphy and Paper Arts Related

The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn 2002
A Trail through Leaves by Hannah Hinchman 1997
Life In Hand by Hannah Hinchman 1991 (copy)
An Artist's Sketchbook by Lucy Watson 2001
Lettering and Calligraphy Workbook by the Diagram Group 1997
Very California by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler
How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal by Claudia Nice
The Art and Craft of Paper by Faith Shannon
The Art of Money by David Standisk
Pop-Up Gift Cards by Masahiro Chatani
Best Greeting Cards Pop-Up by Keiko Nakazawa
Calligraphy (for ZIG Markers) by Karen Charatan
Creative Calligraphy by Peter Halliday (copy)
Calligraphy, Elegant and Easy by Joyce Ryan (copy)
Left-Handed Calligraphy by Vance Studley (copy)
The Art of Calligraphy by David Harris
The Speedball Textbook by Joanne Fink and Judy Kastin (23rd ed.)
The Calligrapher's Studio by Claire Secrett
Painting for Calligraphers by Marie Angel
The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques by Diana Hardy Wilson
The Elements of Pop-Up by David Carter and James Diaz

Clothes Related

Medieval Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris (1999)
Making Books by Hand by Mary McCarthy and Philip Manna

Tattoo Related

1000 Tattoos by Henk Schiffmacher (1996)
Tattoo History by Steve Gilbert (2000)
Bushido: Legasies of the Japanese Tattoo by Takahiro Kitamura (2001)

Strange and Unusual

Alchemy and Misticism by Alexander Roob (2001)
Special Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters by Rosamond Purcell (1997)


Wicked by Gregory Maguire

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