My Ball Joint Dolls - Bee-A, DOD

Meet Charlie
My Dream of Doll Bee-A.

I purchased her from a member of DoA, who fromher live journal, was a stopping post, possibly for a friend who might have split the dolls up when she first ordered them or splurged and bought both - either way I bought Bee-A after a few price drops. I wanted a MSD size girl and didn't want to repeat companies.

Her former name was Xharlii which got me to thinking - Charlie! Undecided if it's short for CHarlotte or Carlotta. Hubby's reposnse:"Why Carlotta" with a nasty look on his face...

Her Opening:

A notice was left on Wednesday, 2/22/06 that a package was being help for me at the post office. Thursday morning, I got a ride right before work to pick her up and opened her at church.

Yup - no DOD golden cushions, no bag, nothing but the doll. Her wig and eyes are default. The outfit made by the previous owner.

After a much needed change. Henry's beige pants fit a little big but the cheap shirt fit perfect. The boy briefs also fit perfect.

Her in my dark second work office. She admiring the mess...

She arrived very dirty, wig had nasty tangles, and there were mysterious pink stuff on her.

Due to super-boring Olympic coverage, I had time that night to give her a full bath (took her apart, found her hands are tied onto to her elastics but is strung just like a CP) and scrubbed her very well. Luckily I looked into some Blythe stuff lately and found a way top fix her wig with a thorough was with dish detergent, deep conditioning (working out the nasty tangles and almost matted back section) with my fructice super-condition and followed with my leave-in conditioner (I swear by the stuff though I can't remember the name); let air overnight and it's almost good-as-new.

The pink stuff came off and It looks like her outfit temporarily stained her. As the Olympics was drudgery, I kept going and removed her face-up. Spending Thursday with her at both works had me studying it and realizing the eye-makeup was just too much for her little face. So me and Brush cleaner and her little head became fast friends. She air-dried til the next morning. I put her back together, dressed her and here's a group picture.

More Charlie pictures can be found here on my finished page...

Crapping Stringing Pictures of the first time I took her apart...

Cute Pictures for Easter - here's two from the car ride to W's Dad's house...

She somehow kicked her shoes off and dropped her hat in the back seat.

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